AviRings Derby 2022

AviRings Derby is a unique one loft race with young pigeons, characterized by the use of state-of-the-art electronic equipment for pigeon racing. Our innovative technical approach will provide participants of the AviRings Derby with current and transparent information about their pigeons. AviRings Derby is different from other races especially because:

  1. ENABLES tracking pigeons with the AviRings GPS ring

  2. GUARANTEES 24/7 live stream from the loft and photos & videos of individual young pigeons

  3. INTRODUCES separation of young males and females

  4. OFFERS darkening of the loft in the training phase

Participation is limited to associated members of theAviRings Derby Club, which also serves as the organizer of the race. Natural and legal persons can participate. Participating pigeons must wear a closed ring of an association of sports homing pigeons breeders clubs that is a member of the international association (FCI). Pigeons must wear rings dated 2022.

Participation in the competitions of the“AviRings Derby 2022” requires a correct and complete registration in advance.

Each team consists of three (3) pigeons; the first-listed is active in races, the second- and third-listed are first and second reserves. Registration fee for each team is set at 250 €. The registration fee includes entry fee in amount of 50€ the activation of the active pigeon in the amount of 100 € and a flat rate of 50 € for each reserve pigeon. Prizes can be won only by activated pigeons.

End of registration can be announced when loft capacities are reached. Registrations can be sent to theAviRings Derby Club:

Registration fee for the AviRings Derby can be paid by bank transfer. The necessary bank details can be found in the chart below:

Recipient Klub AviRings Derby

Bank Delavska hranilnica d.d.

IBAN SI56 6100 0002 5306 192

Swift HDELSI22

Purpose name of the team (identical as in the registration form)

Bank address Miklošičeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana

Payment confirmation should be sent directly to AviRings Derby(derby@avirings.com) or through your coordinator.

Delivery of registered and paid pigeons is must be made from 12/2/2022 to 15/5/2022. When the pigeons are delivered, they become property of theAviRings Derby Club. Delivery can be conducted in person, using animal transport or through collection location in each country on specific dates. Delivered pigeons must come with an ownership card and a correctly completed pedigree. Pedigrees will be published on the website just before the final flight.

Pigeons can be delivered only if they are at least 28 days old and have been vaccinated against paramyxovirus before delivery.

Reserve pigeons (activation)

If an active pigeon is lost and doesn’t return in two days, they are replaced by the next available reserve pigeon. If the lost pigeon returns at a later time, they will get the status of a reserve.

Reserve pigeon can be activated at any time by paying the fee in the amount of 50 €, which together with the already paid flat rate equals the amount of the activation (100 €).

Amounts paid for the activation of lost reserve pigeons can’t be used for the activation of reserve pigeons from other teams.

Inactivated pigeons can be, after the public announcement of the organizer before the final flight, activated also by a third person. Activation fee for reserve pigeons, which are offered for activation to the public, is set at 100 €. This process starts approximately a week before the final flight.

Reserve pigeons that were activated for the final flight by a third person can receive prizes and medals from the prize fund; but the share of the sales of that pigeon at the auction is still available to the person who registered the pigeon in the first place.

AviRings GPS pigeon ring

The organizer will ensure for every official race approximately 20 pigeons which will carrying the AviRings GPS rings. These pigeons will compete normally with other pigeons, however they will not be in the aiming for any of the prizes,  only in the final race they can win the prizes for those who will activate them

The flying routs gathered with the GPS rings will be analysed and shown to the participants after the race/training.

Participants can also lease a GPS ring for their pigeon. The costs of the rent for alle AviRings races , semi-final and final flight are 100 € per pigeon.1 In case this pigeon gets lost, rent will not be refunded.

Flight schedule

In the period between acclimatization and the final flight (10/9/2022), pigeons will have training and intermediate distance flights (AviRings races) according to the planned schedule below:


Release Location

Approx. Distance (km)

Flight Status




































AviRings Race 1








AviRings Race 2








AviRings Race 3








AviRings Race 4








AviRings Race 5












AviRings Final Race

The organizer explicitly reserves the right to change the schedule of trainings and races. If required, additional trainings can be organized. Trainings that are not carried out are usually not replaced. AviRings Races and of course also the final flight are carried out at a later time if they can’t be realized on their planed dates (due to weather conditions etc.). Overall ranking (for example the Ace Pigeon competition) is based only on races that have been realized.


AviRings Races

All pigeons that have been activated before a specific AviRings Race can compete for the prizes. Pigeons that haven’t been paid for (reserve pigeons) are not eligible to win prizes.

AviRings 1

AviRings 2

AviRings 3

AviRings 4

Semi-Final Race

1st prize

AviRings GPS

AviRings GPS

AviRings GPS

AviRings GPS

1.500 €

2nd prize

AviRings Live

AviRings Live

AviRings Live

AviRings Live

1.000 €

3rd prize

1 team at AviRings Derby 2023

1 team at AviRings Derby 2023

1 team at AviRings Derby 2023

1 team at AviRings Derby 2023

500 €

Overall ranking: Ace Pigeon

Three best activated pigeons on AviRings Races and the final flight (overall ranking) will be rewarded. Pigeons are ranked first according to the place they achieved and then according to the Ace points (achieved on AviRings Races and the final flight). Top three pigeons will get “Ace Pigeon AviRings Derby 2022” trophy and the following prizes:

1st prize: 5.000 €

2nd prize: 2.500 €

3rd prize: 1.000 €

AviRings “3-races” Cup - 2022

All activated pigeons will compete in last three races (320km, 400km and 520km) for “3-races” ace pigeon. The pigeon with thehighest average speed on those 3 races will be the winner of theseAviRings “3-races” Cup competition.

1st prize: 2.500 €

2nd prize: 1.500

3rd prize: 500 €

AviRings Final Race

The final race will be – if conditions permit – started from a distance of approx. 520km, offering a fair test for pigeons’ skills. The release of pigeons will be scheduled for the morning hours according to the organizer’s judgment.

The final race of the AviRings Derby 2022 is planned for September 10. If final race can’t be realized on September 10, 2022 due to certain conditions, it will be re-scheduled. Organizer will announce the new date in due time. Monetary and non-monetary rewards will be given for the final race. The ranking is determined by the arrival time of pigeons. If more pigeons share the same time of arrival, they will also share the same rank. The prizes for such ranks will be shared equally in this case.

1st place: 10.000 €

2nd place: 5.000

3rd place: 2.500 €

4th place: 1.500 €

6th to 10th: 500 €

11th to 15th: 250 €

16th to 20th: 200 €

21th to 30th: 150 €

31th to 40th: 100 €

41th to 50th: 50 €

Prize pool as described above is valid in the case of 550 paying registered teams. In case of fewer registered/paying teams, the prize money will be adjusted accordingly in percents. In this case, the organizer will announce the changes in due time before the final flight. Monetary prizes will only be paid through a bank transfer.


All pigeons that will successfully finish the final race will be put up for auction online. Auction proceeds will be shared between the organizer and the participant who originally registered the pigeon (50:50 share). Participants’ shares will be paid through bank transfers. The auction will be announced in due time through the website:https://derby.avirings.com.


If a pigeon gets lost in the loft surroundings, during trainings, AviRings Races or the final flight, the registration fee is not refunded. In this case it is not possible to register and deliver a replacement pigeon.

Organizer reserves the right to cancel all flights. If the final race of the AviRings Derby 2022 is cancelled, paid fees, reduced by all organizer’s expenses, will be refunded. All the pigeons collected up to that point will be put up for auction online athttps://derby.avirings.com. 50% of the auction proceeds will go to the participant and 50% to the organizer. If other flights are cancelled, no refunds of the registration fee will be given.

Pigeons will be registered for the races with an electronic system “AviRings Live”, created by the company AviRings d. o. o., Murska Sobota.

A ranking list will be created for each AviRings Race, semi-finale race and final race . The race is finished when 33,5% of all released pigeons arrive back to the loft. The announced prize fund will be given out to 50th place regardless of this.

It is the responsibility of participants to equip registered and sent pigeons with a pedigree. AviRings Derby does not offer any guarantee that the information in pedigree documents is correct.

Final provisions

If any part of this public announcement is or becomes invalid, or if this public announcement contains any gaps, this does not affect the validity of the announcement. Instead of any inefficient provision or gap in the announcement, a new provision will be issued based on an agreement between the club and participants in specific conditions. If this is not possible to achieve with a supplement explanation, legislative provisions apply.

By registering participants accept all terms & conditions of this public announcement as binding. Legal proceedings are excluded.

We look forward to your participation.

1 Remark: It should be mentioned that carrying the GPS ring could be disadvantage for the pigeon in comparison with other pigeons without the GPS ring. Participants should be aware of this assumption, before deciding for the lease of the ring.

Click here to download the tender in PDF format.