Activation of free pigeons

Ring number Fancier  Activated by place in the final race  price money
SLO-2022-107-10272 Andrej Marinšek  Podjed-Šlibar / /
SLO-2022-114-22 AviRings  Team  Schubert M. 199 /
SLO-2022-114-8 AviRings  Team  Vehovec R.  / /
SLO-2022-114-2 AviRings  Team  Schönfeld J. 132 /
SLO-2022-114-47 AviRings  Team  Vehovec R.  / /
SLO-2022-114-39 AviRings  Team  Schubert M. 176 /
SLO-2022-101-4633 Boštjan Podjed   H-P. Eßer / /
SLO-2022-101-4643 Boštjan Podjed   Vehovec R.  330 /
SLO-2022-101-4631 Boštjan Podjed   H-P. Eßer / /
NL-2022-8471649 Cees  van Gelder  Wings to fly / /
NL-2022-8017505 Crusader Racing Pigeons - Crusader Racing Pigeons  Wings to fly / /
NL-2022-8017515 Crusader Racing Pigeons - Crusader Racing Pigeons  Wings to fly / /
NL-2022-2228592 Gerard Schellekens  Vehovec R.  42 50
SLO-2022-117-2225 Jani Zavadlal  Wings to fly 47 50
BE-2022-6166594 Joran Gabriëls  Wings to fly / /
DV-2022-1699-192 Ke Liu  Eschenberg O. 324 /
DV-2022-04504-709 Klaus Klotzbücher  Klotzbücher K. 66 /
DV-2022-04504-792 Klaus Klotzbücher  Klotzbücher K. 5 1000
SLO-2022-112-3823 Marko Goranič  Wings to fly 309 /
SLO-2022-112-3804 Marko Goranič  Wings to fly 25 150
NL-2022-8467656 Towerflyers Loft Ton de Kovel  Eschenberg O. / /
NL-2022-4782861 Peter Stuut  Wings to fly 354 /
SLO-2022-108-7327 Uroš  Plajbes  Wings to fly 92 /
SLO-2022-108-7232 Viki Marinšek  Podjed-Šlibar / /
SLO-2022-101-6168 Željka Škrijelj  Wings to fly / /


Here is the list of free pigeons that anyone could activate for the final race. As you may know, there are 50 money prizes in the final race, but only activated pigeons can win it.

We use the rule, first come - first serve. The activation fee for non-owner is 100 eur, and it has to be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. Only after the money lands will the pigeon be activated. Please write the number of pigeons in the subject (money transfer protocol) or send us this information per email.

The list will be updated promptly.

Good luck!