Activation time - open for third person


Only activated pigeons can win the prizes. We have some birds that wasn't activated by their owner so far.  On 12.9.21 starting from 16:00 we open the activation for everyone.  Everyone can activate the pigeons on the list.  The activation period will stopped  on 17.09.21 at 12 a clock local time. 

From now on, inactivated pigeons can be  activated also by a third person. Activation fee for reserve pigeons, which are offered for activation to the public, is set at 100€. (owner can activate his pigeons still for 50€).  There is the rule  "first come - first served" consernig the activation of listed pigeons. There is enough to inform the organizer about  activation, the payment can be done afterwards on the Avirings Derby bank account: 

Recipient Klub AviRings Derby
Bank Delavska hranilnica d.d.
IBAN SI56 6100 0002 5306 192
Swift HDELSI22
Purpose Name of the team (identical as in the registration form)
Bank address Miklošičeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana


Reserve pigeons that were activated for the final flight by a third person can receive prizes and medals from the prize fund; but the share of the sales of that pigeon at the auction is still available to the person who registered the pigeon in the first place.


Pigeon code Status Gender Fancier Country Activated
AT-2021-107-000033 Normal   Alfred Klein AT  
AT-2021-107-000049 Normal W Alfred Klein AT  
AT-2021-604-000126 Normal W Hermann Tockner AT  
AT-2021-107-000213 Normal   Konlechner Gerhard AT  
BE-2021-6041196 Normal W  Op de Beeck-Baetens BE  
BE-2021-6202516 Normal   Robin Cools BE  
BE-2021-6150849 Normal   Van den Branden Emiel BE  
DV-2021-061128 Normal   Christoph Franz  DE  
DV-2021-061131 Normal W Christoph Franz  DE  
DV-2021-6723-1476 Normal W Dieter Siebert DE  
DV-2021-4159-666 Normal   Michael Koch DE  
DV-2021-07931-190 Normal W Scheidemann&Liu  DE  
DV-2021-07931-193 Normal W Scheidemann&Liu  DE  
DV-2021-1211-5019 Normal W WhatsApp Team DE  
HU-2021-14-64317 Normal   Ferenc Batha HU  
HU-2021-D-622522 Normal W Geza Rosta HU  
HU-2021-D-622523 Normal   Geza Rosta HU  
HU-2021-14-64411 Normal W Hartmut Schöppl HU  
HU-2021-D-623089 Normal   Kovac+Nagy+Batha Team HU  
HU-2021-D-622839 Normal W Kranitz Miklos HU  
HU-2021-D-622842 Normal W Kranitz Miklos HU  
HU-2021-14-59553 Normal W Tamas Wagner HU  
NL-2021-7056082 Normal   Familie Jacobs NL  
SRB-2021-252330 Normal   Ivica Stoiljković RS  
SLO-2021-101-003592 Normal   Boštjan Podjed SI  
SLO-2021-101-004523 Normal W Boštjan Podjed SI  
SLO-2021-108-006178 Normal   Franc Černilec SI  
SLO-2021-117-1708 Normal W Jani Zavadlal SI  
SLO-2021-117-1713 Normal   Jani Zavadlal SI  
SLO-2021-107-7855 Normal   Kmetija Rajh SI  
SLO-2021-107-008023 Normal W Simon Hozjan SI  
SLO-2021-107-008045 Normal W Simon Hozjan SI