After race 3...


As you could notice, race 3 (240km) was very hard a few days ago. Fortunately, most of the pigeons from 1628 basketed to the race on the first day, 1148 pigeons returned home, on the second day, 281; third day 26 and they are still returning, which is a clear sign the birds were top prepared, and they can defy any so unexpected challenges on this difficult route.

The winners of the race 3:

You can find the race report:

More and more people are asking about the overall standings after 3 races. You can find the standings in the AviRingsApp in the category Overall Rankings.  On our public homepage, these data are published under the race and training plan. One can expand the list, by clicking on the red button “More…”


Here are the top 10 pigeons in the Ace competition after 3 races!



The plan in the week before race 4

  • Determination of the correct sex and putting the color mark + basketing for training
  • Short training on Sunday
  • Race 4 on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on the weather)


What is coming?

  • After race 4, we start with the separation of sexes.
  • 3-races CUP

A new competition is coming to life: the 3-races Cup. The results of race 4 (320km), race 5 (400km), and final race (520km) will be considered on the AviRings “3-races” Cup – 2023. The pigeon with the lowest total time in those 3 races will win these AviRings “3-races” Cup competition. The  prize money for the best birds in the 3-races cup competition:

1st prize:      3.000 €
2nd prize:     2.000 €
3rd prize:     1.000 € 
4th prize:        500 € 
5th prize:        250 €

Bet&Win game

The winners of the Bet&Win game from race 3:


🥇Bouwman Eric with pigeon NL-9147581 at 86th place

🥈Nöres Kurt with pigeon AUT-609-622 at 260th place

🥉Fell Josef with pigeon DV-08592-919 at 323th place



In race 3 we had 93 pooled pigeons in category 1€, with 4 full-amount winners and 1 half-amount winner. Exactly 80 pooled pigeons were in category 2€, so the 4 pigeons won the full amount. In category 5€, we had 49 pooled pigeons, with 2 full-amount winners and 1 half-amount winner. In category 10€ were only 12 pooled pigeons, which resulted in 1 half-amount winner. In category 20€ there were only 3 pooled pigeons, which is less than 10, so the invested amount was returned to the players.


Bet&Win – race 4

Don’t miss playing the game for the coming race 4. The pigeons are more reliable with every race, and the quality is being revealed. If you believe in your birds, you have a great chance of having extra fun. 

In the nomination game, you play only on your pigeon in categories 1€, 2€, 5€ , 10€ or 20€.  The winning amount is always 15x invested amount. If there are less than 10 nominated pigeons in the category, the game is not active, and the transaction will be returned.

In the Jackpot game, you can buy a ticket for every pigeon (not only yours). With more bought tickets the jackpot found is rising. The first 3 pooled pigeons share the jackpot found in relation to 50:30:20. In the Jackpot app you can see beside the pigeons also his average speed so far, which can help you to decide which pigeon you want to play

 Here you can find info on how you can play the game:


AviRings Derby Team wishes you good luck in the following races!

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