Ultimate 600 Race


Dear participants,

The final race went very well; a lot of pigeons returned and they are in top shape. According to the plan and tender 2023, we will organize the Ultimate 600 race. The Ultimate 600 race will be at the end of the following week, respectively, when the weather will allow us.  

All pigeons can be activated for this special race, except the first 40 placed from the final race, the top 10 Ace pigeons, and the top 10 from the 3-races cup.

We decided on the activation fee of 80 € per pigeon. The collected money will be used for the prize fund (a few percent we will take for the organizational costs).  The prize structure will announced at the end of this week.

The deadline for the activation is Wednesday, 20.9.2023, till 23 clock. Activation will be possible online in the AviRings app from Tuesday (19.9.) on.  If you need any help or questions, don’t  hesitate to write us at  

AviRings  Derby Team