Defying Distance: 24/7 Live Stream from the Loft at the AviRings Derby 2021


When your pigeons are at a race, you probably feel a bit restless. How are they doing, what’s happening with them and are they doing well at races? All these are the usual questions all pigeon fanciers ask themselves during the races, but we’ve got some great news: at the AviRings Derby 2021, you won’t have to ask yourself these questions – because you will already have all the answers.

If you’ve participated in one loft races before, you already know that the organisers usually provide you with some information about your pigeons: a photo here and there, race information’s and results – and that’s about it. At the AviRings Derby 2021, things will be different: you will be able to monitor your pigeons 24/7 and always keep track of how they’re doing. Let’s find out how and why!

Why Is 24/7 Monitoring So Important to Us?

We strongly believe in creating fair, equal conditions for everyone and we want to be as transparent about it as possible. This is why we wanted to create a training and racing environment that enables all participants to monitor what goes on in the loft at all times. We believe that transparency at the highest level is a prerequisite for a fair competition, that’s why we decided to take things a step further and provide you with an insight into the competition on a whole new level.

How Are We Going to Do It?

Our loft at the AviRings Derby 2021 will be equipped with two cameras for every 4m2 section and a number of additional cameras outside the loft with views from different perspectives, all offering a live stream directly from the loft 24/7. This truly innovative approach will enable you to check on your pigeons at any time, keeping things more transparent and interesting than in any other one loft race in history.

The cameras placed inside the loft will primarily focus on the voliere and the entrance part where the antennas are positioned, giving you the chance to see your pigeons live as they return from the race. 

Apart from the live video stream, we will also use a special advanced technology for pigeon recognition. This system will enable us to take pictures and videos of pigeons, and send them to your e-mail address for regular updates. So even if you won’t be able to make time to watch the live stream, you will still be always kept in the loop on how your pigeons are doing.

See the Loft Manager at Work and Observe Your Ace Pigeons

Thanks to the live stream from the loft, you will be able to see the loft manager in action at all times, observing his work and monitoring him while he carefully handles the pigeons. You will be able to check on your ace pigeons whenever you want to, which will enable you to make sure they’re doing well and feeling comfortable in their new home.

Join Us at the AviRings Derby 2021 and Participate in a Truly Historic Event

The AviRings Derby 2021 will set a whole new level in one loft racing in more than one way. Apart from offering you a 24/7 live stream from the loft, it will also feature a number of other innovations that will improve the entire experience of pigeon racing.

The first and the most important feature is definitely the fact that all racing pigeons will be equipped with the AviRings GPS Pigeon Rings, the world’s lightest GPS pigeon tracking rings. This will enable you to analyse your pigeons’ flights in order to boost their performance and training process in the future, and at the same time provide you with a fun and exciting pigeon racing experience.

There are also two other innovative approaches we intend to use at the AviRings Derby 2021. The first one is darkening of the loft in the training phase to ensure that the pigeons are in top shape for the races as well as to provide equal and fair conditions for all participating pigeons.

The second one is separating the pigeons in the competition phase. This is known as widowhood in the world of pigeon racing and it is already an established practice; however, the pigeons are usually separated only once they reach adulthood. At the AviRings Derby 2021, we will separate the pigeons by gender a lot sooner, as soon as they start showing the first signs of sexual maturity. This will enable them to keep their focus and energy, to train better and to perform better at the competitions, thus ensuring better overall results at the races.
As you can see, the AviRings Derby 2021 will be a truly one of a kind event, so you definitely shouldn’t miss it. Apply now and participate in a one loft race that will become part of the pigeon racing history. We look forward to welcoming you at the AviRings Derby 2021!