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The 2023 edition of the Bet&Win application in AviRings Derby introduces some exciting new features to make pigeon racing even more thrilling for participants. Here's what's new in this year's edition:

  • Jackpot Game Rules: In the previous year, the jackpot game had a prize only for the first-placed pigeon at the race. However, in the 2023 edition, the rules have changed to increase the excitement and potential winnings. Now, the jackpot prize for the first three polled pigeons will be paid out.
  • Prize Distribution: The distribution of the jackpot prize fund among the top three polled pigeons is as follows:
    • First-placed pigeon from the jackpot-pooled pigeons: 50% of the prize fund.
    • Second-placed pigeon from the jackpot-pooled pigeons: 30% of the prize fund.
    • Third-placed pigeon from the jackpot-pooled pigeons: 20% of the accumulated prize fund.
  • Jackpot Ticket Price: The ticket price for participating in the jackpot game remains 20€.
  • Nomination System: The nomination system remains the same as the previous year, where participants can nominate their pigeons in categories with different entry fees: 1€, 2€, 5€, 10€, and 20€.
  • Winning Badges: In every race, there will be winners of the Bet&Win game. The winning pigeons will earn special winning badges, which serve as an honor for the "money-making" pigeons and recognize their achievements.​​​​​​

In order to play Bet&Win game one should have a positive balance on “My Account”, respectively recharge it via PayPal or bank transfer.

These updates are designed to enhance the overall experience of the Bet&Win application in AviRings Derby, encouraging more participants to get involved and potentially win bigger prizes in the exciting world of pigeon racing.