Final race, AviRings Derby 2022, 13.9.2022 - some photo moments from the loft location


On Tuesday, 13.9.2022 we had a final race from Tiszabecs, a small village on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.  We wanted symbolic to enter Ukraine to have the release there with a clear message, let the pigeons bring peace to this country as soon as possible. We were not allowed, however message of AviRings and his participants stay the same: “PEACE”.   

602 pigeons were released at 7:20 in the morning (Central European Time). The morning in Tiszabecs was cold, only 11 C° and the moderate north wind was blowing. The release was successful, pigeons went quickly towards the West-West-North direction, which was less cloudy. 

In the meantime, the loft location gathered participants to watch and enjoy arrivals. We want to thank all our guests from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and of course from Slovenia. In the perfect atmosphere just 1 minute before 15. clock, one bird appears on the horizon. The tension jumps and people can’t wait to find out whose pigeons it is. The joy and happiness were even higher when the name Marko Goranič, SLO-2022-112-3805, appeared on the screen, a Slovenian fancier who was luckily present at the event. Big success for Marko, a fancier who regularly participates on OLR in the region, and had among others:

1st in the final race at Derby Nova Bila (BiH) in 2018 the same pigeon was also  1st  Ace.
1st Ace pigeon at Zagorje Derby (CRO) 2019,
1. Ace and second in the final race Pakrac (CRO) 2019; 
1st Ace Nova Bila 2020 (BiH), 
3rd in the  final race Derby Knin 2021 (CRO),  
4th in the final race and 2nd at the semi-final in the derby Zagorje (CRO) 2021.
We are very happy for Marko, to win the hard race as it was with a velocity of only 1133m/min in such a big international competition! Congratulation Marko, once again!!!

Not even 3 minutes after arrived second pigeon, BE-2022-6158344, sent by Roef de Voogt. Erik sent pigeons already in 2021, but this year he had amazing results, finishing second at race 3 (240km) and second at the final race! Congratulation! 

Jan Donker from Netherland won with the pigeon NL-2022-8360277 third place! Congratulate Jan! 

Here are the first 15 pigeons, congratulation to the participants:
1.  Marko Goranič, SLO-2022-112-3805,  14:59:44.953, 1133.48 m/min
2.  Roef De Voogt, BE-2022-6158344,  15:02:20.416, 1127.13 m/min
3.  Jan Donker, NL-2022-8360277,  15:05:41.290, 1119.02 m/min
4.  Keven Blonk, NL-2022-8458402,  15:05:56.426, 1118.42 m/min
5.  Klaus Klotzbücher, DV-2022-04504-792, 15:06:04.370, 1118.10 m/min
6.  Walter Zerner, AUT-2022-602-572,  15:06:43.863, 1116.52 m/min
7.  Kris Cleirbaut, BE-2022-6099402, 15:06:47.510, 1116.38 m/min
8.  WINGS 2 WIN, DV-2022-8609-169, 15:07:41.746, 1114.22 m/min
9.  Luftbote, DV-2022-08592-561 Gannikus,  15:09:42.373, 1109.45 m/min
10.Team Borculo, NL-2022-8133242, 15:10:16.470, 1108.11 m/min
11. Kris Cleirbaut, BE-2022-6099435, 15:18:04.750, 1090.02 m/min
12. Tone Čebašek, SLO-2022-108-8016,  15:18:53.510, 1088.17 m/min
13. Team Richter/Lipski, DV-2022-00643-1614, 15:19:30.353, 1086.78 m/min
14. Patrick Boeckx, BE-2022-6114334 15:21:06.576, 1083.15 m/min
15. M & S Kobal, SLO-2022-112-3903 RIA, 15:21:14.713, 1082.85 m/min

In the evening 237 pigeons arrived, the next day we had 364 pigeons. Although the following days were rainy, more than 400 pigeons returned at the end.  

We have to mention some great achievements in the final race, probably we will let some out, but anyway is worth mentioning the amazing performance of:

Kris Cleirbaut with 7., 11., 107., 110., 202., 243., 347 places;
Henk Simonsz with: 16., 61., 63., 76., 83., 170., 181., 307., 356., places;
Jef Lauwereys with 6., 171, 280 places  (3 pigeons sent to the AviRings and all 3 came from the final!
then our Austrian friends Gratzer Marco and Werner with 29., 45., 58., 72., 97., 102., 102., 143., 201., 205.,  332 place;  
Boštjan Podjed with 22., 53., 103., 279., 330., 355.,  places and of course
our winner Marko Goranič with 1.,25., 56., 309 places; and others… 
Congratulations to all. All birds that manage to keep up with our difficult program and came from the final race are good pigeons.