First race is approaching . . .


We organized an AviRings derby successful training session, and the birds are improving with each one. As the tension rises, it's a testament to the hard work and dedication put into preparing for the upcoming events.

The final training, before the first official race, from a distance of 80 km will be held on Saturday. This distance will challenge them further and provide valuable insights into their performance and stamina.

As the first official race approaches, we will continue monitoring the birds' health and well-being, providing them with proper nutrition and care. As you know, we are using Giantel products, for example, Giachol Green, and feed the Versele Lage food.  It's essential to maintain the routine they have grown accustomed to during the training sessions to keep them comfortable and confident.

Before the first race will be opened the Bet&Win game. We will inform you in detail in following days.

Please ensure before the first race that all the fees are paid and that the pedigrees are sent (you can send pdf/jpg files to Not paid pigeons will be excluded from competition, respectively offered to the third for activation.

Best of luck with the last training and the upcoming races! I hope the event goes smoothly and becomes a thrilling experience for everyone involved.