AviRings Derby 2023 Pigeons at PIPA


AviRings Derby Auction 2023 on PIPA is successfully finished, and we are very happy with the results. We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to PIPA for their invaluable support in auctioning our finest pigeons.

At AviRings, we take immense pride in our hard racing program that is known for strong international competition and fair results. Our goal is also to contribute to the world of pigeon racing.

When we decided to auction some of our most prized pigeons, we knew that when we chose PIPA as our partner, we were aligning ourselves with the very best in the business. Their online platform made it easy for potential buyers from all over the world to view and bid on AviRings derby pigeons.

To the new owners, we extend our congratulations and good luck. We trust that these extraordinary quality pigeons from AviRings Derby will carry and spread the genes worldwide and will bring you success.


AviRings Derby Team