Ultimate 600 Race


The U600 race will be held on Monday 2.10. 2023.  More than 300 pigeons will be sent to this challenge. Pigeons are only 6 months old, some of them even younger, however, we are sure these pigeons are prepared to move the milestones in the pigeon's sport of OLR racing.  

Darkening + lightening, separation of sexes, etc are just some of the reasons we are confident in these pigeons. The best pigeons will be awarded according to the prize schedule: 

1st prize  4.000 EUR

2nd prize       2.500 EUR

3rd prize    1.500 EUR

4th prize    1.000 EUR

5th prize       750  EUR

6th-10th prize     400 EUR

11th – 20th prize      350 EUR

21th – 30th prize     250 EUR

31st- 40th prize      200 EUR

41st – 50th prize       150 EUR

51st – 60th prize         80 EUR


Let the best pigeon win!