Experience Next-Level Pigeon Racing with GPS Tracking at the AviRings Derby 2022

AviRings gps pigeon ring

Pigeon racing is an exciting and interesting sport on its own, but new, ground-breaking technologies can bring the entire experience to a whole new level.One of these technologies is GPS tracking which not only provides you with an abundance of information that can help you improve your pigeons’ future results but also guarantees an entirely new dimension of fun and excitement. Are you ready to find out more about the AviRings GPS tracking and how it will be used at the AviRings Derby?

First Things First: What Is AviRings GPS Tracking Ring and How Is It Used With Pigeon Racing?

AviRings GPS tracking ring is the world’s lightest GPS pigeon ring that brings pigeon racing to a whole new level. With the use of innovative electronic equipment for tracking pigeons’ flights, you get access to a unique set of information, such as their choice of path, speed, height and other details.

The AviRings GPS tracking ring includes a state-of-the-art, high-quality GPS receiver paired with a reliable and durable battery, made in Germany. It features an aerodynamic design and attractive colour that distracts birds of prey and helps keep your pigeons safe during the flight. Modern Bluetooth® technology enables you to access the data straight from the loft, while the advanced software provides you with a thorough analysis of the data from the GPS rings.

The First Derby in Europe That Uses GPS Tracking

AviRings Derby will be the first one loft race in Europe to use GPS tracking technology for pigeon racing, making it a truly unique event and the first of its kind in history. We will equip at least 20 of our-own birds with GPS rings in every race. (This pigeons will be not in competition for the prizes.) The information gather from the rings we will present after every race to the participants. We will make analyses of the races according to the information from GPS rings along with the weather information data and other factors which should or could somehow influence the race. 

And there’s another advantage for all participants of the AviRings Derby 2022: they will receive a 17% discount for purchase of the AviRings GPS Package in 2022. 

Note: Participants can also choose to rent GPS rings for the their activated pigeons for the price of 100€ per pigeon for all races and the finals. If one of the pigeons doesn’t return to the loft, the participant cannot request a refund for the GPS ring rent.

What Kind of Information Will You Receive?

GPS Pigeon Ring data visualisationThe AviRings Derby website will provide a wide range of information for all pigeons equipped with the AviRings GPS tracking ring. In addition to all the data you’re used to receiving on other one loft races, this unique derby will also provide you with the following, never before seen information about your pigeons:

  • the analysis of flights of the fastest pigeons on races,
  • the statistical parameters based on the data from the GPS rings of each individual race,
  • a demonstration of interesting facts and features observed in individual pigeons, carrying the GPS rings.

Come and Join the Fun!

The AviRings Derby 2022 is like no other and it would be a shame if you missed out on the fun! Join us as a participant and be a part of this truly spectacular event. We look forward to welcoming you to the AviRings Derby 2022!