AviRings the world’s lightest GPS pigeon ring proudly presents

Slovenia’s First One Loft Race
Avirings Derby 2024

in the idyllic Prekmurje region of Slovenia

Live video from AviRings Derby

A One Loft Pigeon Race Like You Have Never Experienced Before…

24/7 live stream from the loft + pictures & videos of your own pigeons sent to your e-mail daily

Enjoy transparency like never before. Check on your beloved champions at any time and monitor the careful handling of our loft manager.

Loft darkening in the training phase

To ensure fair conditions for all participating pigeons and keep your champions in top shape for the finals.

More information about loft darkening

Get your share of prizes in the value of 100.000 €

20.000 € for the Winner of the Final Race

7.500 € for the 1. Ace Pigeon

4.000 € for the Winner of the special AviRings 3-races Cup

2.000 € for the Winner of the Semi-final race

and many others all the way down to the 50th place in the finals, top 3 positions in all races and top 5 positions in ACE Pigeon and 3-races CUP


AviRings Derby location

The idyllic Prekmurje region of Slovenia offers amazing conditions for pigeon racing. Our loft will be located in the beautiful settlement of Odranci and pigeons will fly west from various Slovenian and Hungarian locations to the east of the loft.

Meet our loft manager

Tadej Vugrinec has more than a decade of experience with breeding and racing pigeons. He has participated in Slovenian, Hungarian and Austrian National Championships, and regularly competes in one loft races across the world. Rest assured that your pigeons will be well cared for.

Agents & Pigeon Collection


Our partners

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