Race: Lajosmize (239.42 km)

Winner: Tibor+Daniel Marcz , HU-2022-221-468261

Location :

HU-Lajosmizse (46° 51' 54" - 19° 22' 53")

Number of pigeons :


Time of relese :

The 3. race (240 km). Again very tricky race, as was expected. Most of the birds came individually, and till the evening we had in the loft 725 from 1056 sent pigeons. The next morning we had an arrival show going on. Till 13:45 more than 220 pigeons came; so 951 pigeons were at home on evening next day.  Most of them are still in top condition. How is that possible, we are asking ourselves? Were pigeons thirsty because of the high temperatures (28-30C);  or did they miss the right way and needed more time to arrive? Is the mystery of the pigeon sport.

In the end, we are very happy, and grateful. Pigeons were obviously in top condition, otherwise, the story would not end like this.

Most importantly, we have the winners of the 3. AviRings Derby race:

ūü•áTibor&Daniel Marcz HU-2022-14-68261

ūü•ąRoel de Voogt BE-2022-6158345

ūü•ČTeam JWJJ NL-2022-8069866

Big congratulations to the winners and all the participants.

We publish the photo of the winning pigeon from brothers Marz from Hungary! Amazing bird with top pedigree also.

Race 4 (320km) is planned for the beginning of the next week. Enough time to recover. One shorter training is also planned for the end of this week.

We will prepare the birds for the challenges to come.  Let the best pigeons win!

Arrival density chart

Found 3
Speed [m/min]
Distance [km]
Season ranking
Season points
Season distance
Team Jacover
Arrival 10:42:22
Speed [m/min]: 1154.55
Distance [km]: 239.42
Points: 30.79
Season ranking: 1
Season points: 30.79
Season distance: 239.42
Team Jacover
Arrival 11:11:35
Speed [m/min]: 1011.98
Distance [km]: 239.42
Points: -
Season ranking: 1
Season points: 4.17
Season distance: 166.16
Team Jacover
Arrival -
Speed [m/min]: -
Distance [km]: 239.42
Points: -
Season ranking: 0
Season points: -
Season distance: -