AviRings Derby 2023 started


The third edition of AviRings Derby started revolutionary at the beginning of the season. Enormous interest to participate in our OLR surprised us positively.  Early registrations from our top countries, like Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, indicated that we would fulfill the loft capacities this year.  Indeed.

We got pigeons also from “new” countries like Romania, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and Denmark.  Participants in the first two editions apricated our work. We can promise to do our best to make the 2023 edition even better and definitely bigger with more hard competition.

We collected pigeons in 3 big rounds: Marc, April, and at the beginning of May. Every round means more than 3200km in a few days over Europe (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and back). This year we collected pigeons with our new truck, where the pigeons have all the comfort we can imagine on long journeys.

Some memorable moments we captured in an excellent video